General Tooth Decay Prevention

Our teeth are great tools to have.  They allow us to chew up food, they help with our appearance and are really important to take care of.  If we don’t take care of our teeth we will begin to experience decay.  This is where holes will appear in our teeth which in turn will cause them to be hard to use and will cause pain.  If this happens, tooth filling rialto and other dental procedures will be needed.

tooth filling rialto

Brush your teeth

Dentists all over the world will shout till their lungs explode that you need to brush your teeth.  When we brush our teeth, we are removing germs, food and other particles that have gathered on our teeth.  These particles if not removed will start to eat away at the protective layer of our teeth causing decay.


The next step that you can use to prevent your teeth from decaying is to floss.  When we floss our teeth we are using a piece of string that will go between the spaces of our teeth that is hard to do with a brush.  When we floss we remove these food particles that have collected protecting our teeth from further decay.

Watch what you eat

Watching with you eat is a directive from all doctors.  Doctors and other medical professionals will want you to eat healthy.  Fruits, vegetables, drink lots of water and brush regularly are their prescriptions.  However, the majority of us will not do this.  In fact, we tend to eat more wrong foods than we do correct ones. 

In a typical diet we are consuming sugar, salts, fats and other compounds that are not good for us.  As we consume these foods the particles that make up the foods will become deposited in and around our teeth.  When we watch what we eat, follow proper dental care and drink a lot of water we are creating an environment that our teeth will thrive in.