Teaching Your Children Good Oral Brushing Habits

They say that children learn by watching others.  This is why teaching your children how to brush and care for their teeth is so vital to good oral hygiene.  If for some reason however, you are unable to keep your children from having problems with their teeth, you will need to seek out dentistry for children pomona to resolve this issue.


When teaching your children how to brush their teeth you will want to make up some songs or jingles that they can sing.  These songs should be short and colorful and get them motivated to brush.  When brushing they should be moving the brush up and down according to the beats in the song.

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Eating habits

Next to brushing you will also want to teach children eating habits.  As a child your focus in on sweets, sugars and candy.  The last thing you want to eat are apple slices and healthy foods.  When we teach our children good eating habits and explain to them why the foods, we eat do what they do to our bodies then they have a better understanding of what they need to do.

The foods that they eat will also react to their teeth.  Good healthy foods will help strengthen their teeth while sugary foods and foods high in acid content will begin to eat away at their teeth.  From here show them how brushing will help.

Play with the smile

Encourage positive actions.  Smiling, laughing and showing off their teeth should be a level of pride that you instill in your children. When your children see how they look smiling and how they feel with a smile then it will encourage them to care for their teeth.  If they don’t feel good about themselves or confident that things will change then they won’t be motivated to maintain what they have.